jeudi 27 février 2014

A special message

Today I'm writting especially for a person. Writting a blog is not always interesting.  I've often have the feeling that I'm writting for myself and nobody else.  Even my hubby doesn't read my blog so It can be pretty depressing.

But I'm a lucky girl!  I have one assiduous reader!  And she ALWAYS make me kind comments!

When I feel like I'm going to all dropping out, I remember that Maxine is reading my blog and I don't do all this for nothing!

So thank you my dear Maxine! You probably don't know how good I feel each time I read you! 

Bless you!

P.S. I know you send me an award and I'm gonna answer when I'll be less busy! 

3 commentaires:

Maxine D a dit…

Oh Kim - I love visiting your blog as I admire your art work.
My husband doesn't read my blog either!!

Sue from Oregon a dit…

Just to let you know...there are others out there like me that peek at posts in a reader because their time is limited...but wanted to let you know I peek at all your posts!!!

Kim Larivière a dit…

Sur, so glad to read to you too! I sure know that Maxine isn't the only one to read!

But she surely deserve a thanks for all the kinds comments she wrote! xxx